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What is a Creative Entrepreneur?


Defining Our Terms…

I would define a creative entrepreneur as an individual in the creative sector who identifies an opportunity in the marketplace and uses business skills to turn their ideas into profits. 

You may be a creative entrepreneur if:

  • When someone asks you “what do you do?”, do you struggle to find a way to describe it in one paragraph?
  • Are you tempted to give a list?
  • Do you decide how to answer based on what you think is most pertinent to the person you’re talking too?
  • Do you find yourself resistant to labeling yourself with a job title?
  • Do you dream about crafting a thriving business around something you love so much that it’s the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning, the subconscious thought throughout your day, and often the last thought as your head is hitting the pillow?
  • Do you feel that your career goals are too varied to choose just one to describe yourself with?
  • Do you dream of making your passion your career?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above you may be a creative entrepreneur!

Going Deeper

I believe being a creative entrepreneur doesn’t stop at typical fields labelled ‘creative’, I think it also extends to many other fields that use creative ideas to advance their entrepreneurial goals.  Some creative entrepreneurs that I have met are:

Graphic designer, Musicians, Visual and Performing Artists, Filmmakers, Photographers, Writers, Chefs, Bakers, Fashion Designers, Architects, Television, Radio, Publishers, Editors, Quilters, Advertisers, Jewelry Makers, Craftsmen, Communications, Educators, Poets, Songwriters, Composers, Entertainers, Web Designers, Marketing, Creative Directors, Sales, Bloggers, Game Designers… just to name a few!

Being a creative entrepreneur is more about who you are, your process, and your approach than your job title or even the industry that you are in.

I have seen incredible creatives that apply that skill and mindset to jobs in healthcare and accounting for example, and people in fields traditionally  classified creative that don’t identify with being a creative at all.  Being a creative entrepreneur is not a label to box someone in but a platform to launch from.

Most creative entrepreneurs that I know don’t stop just at dollars and cents, their goals extend to social impact, growing market shares, developing their sector, mentoring, investing in their communities, financial freedom, deeper learning, self-discovery, and a love for creativity on all levels.  They tend not to be stuck in the ‘this is the way we’ve always done it’ mentality, but love the ever growing, ever changing challenge of merging business and art, always learning, always keeping abreast of what is cutting edge in their fields, and are ready to change how they do things because they are passionate about being the best they can be. At the end of their lives they want to leave a legacy, not just an empire.

My goal at is to celebrate our own individual journeys as creative entrepreneurs, create a culture where we can learn from each other, and discuss practical tools and strategies for excellence in our creative fields.  No one starts a business with the goal of being ‘average’.  We dream of being the best of the best but often what gets us bogged down as creatives is the business part of business.  The nuts and bolts of budgets and marketing plans, developing a brand, getting our businesses seen, and converting possible clients to paying customers.

I want to help you cast your vision and find your voice through building and marketing your brand and your business.  I want you to know, and your clients to discover – that you are nothing short of epic!

How would you define a creative entrepreneur?  Do you resonate with any of the opening statements in this post?  Why or why not?  What type of field are you in?  

All the best,

2 thoughts on “What is a Creative Entrepreneur?

  1. Thank you Allison for starting this!
    Your opening statements pretty much define my life. For most of us creative types it is often tough to focus on one idea and really champion it and I’m looking forward to learning how to move forward with my dreams and ideas!

    1. Thank you for your comment and encouragement Christen! It can be such a challenge to know when to zero in on one idea and when it’s an appropriate time to juggle multiple possibilities, sometimes I wish there was a formula for knowing what to do when!

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