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The Antithesis of Your Perfect Client – Part 1

ideal client worksheet


I am greatly enjoying writing the current series on Self Care for the Creative Entrepreneur.  The resulting conversations that I have had with many readers around the world online and in person have enlightened and challenged me in my own journey in so many ways!  I am finding that this is one of those topics where the more time I spend, the more ideas and discussion there are to be explored.  I’ve decided to make it an ongoing series punctuated with other topics of creative entrepreneurship.  Currently on my desktop I have a document with 94 potential blog posts related to being a creative entrepreneur and creative business.   Every time I have a conversation with a client or think about a particular business success or struggle I feel like I add another topic to my list.  Now to just find the time to write about them all!

The Topic At Hand

Clients.  I’ve heard the topic discussed in hushed reverent tones, within paragraphs discussing hopeful dreams, desperate adventures, and sometimes even as a swear word! (more…)

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5 Steps For Responding to: “Yeah, but what do you DO all day?” – Part 2

5 steps for responding to "Yeah, but what do you do all day" statements

Yesterday we jumped in with a little humor talking about ‘Favorite’ Questions that Creatives Get Asked’ and left with the homework of writing down 3-5 statements that you often hear in your business.  Before we continue with the 5 steps for responding to these types of questions let’s start with one of the truths that is foundational to every creative entrepreneur:

You Are Worth It (more…)

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‘Favorite’ Questions Creatives Get Asked: “Yeah, but what do you DO all day?” – Part 1

'Favorite' Questions Creatives Get Asked: "Yeah, but what do you DO all day?"


Let’s face it, running your own business is hard work.  Friends, family, and clients often see the ‘romantic’ side of being a creative entrepreneur; raise your hand if you’ve ever heard these little gems:

To a photographer: “You get to take pictures all day?  How fun!”

They didn’t see: (more…)

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