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Self Care: The Principle of Boundaries – Part 3

Self Care for Entrepreneurs: The Principle of Boundaries


Establishing healthy boundaries is the second principle and third post in our Self-Care for Creative Entrepreneurs series.  If you’ve missed any of the first posts you can check them out here:

Self Care is not Selfish – Or Lessons I’ve Learned the Hard Way

What is Self Care?: Stop Surviving, Start Thriving – Part 1

Self Care: The Principle of Creating Space – Part 2

Have you ever heard the saying that goes something like: Your ‘yes’ doesn’t count if you can’t say ‘no’?  I started out in business saying ‘yes’ to every question clients asked:

Can you do this? Yes.
Can you do this for a ridiculously low budget? Yes.
Can you give up your weekend to finish my project because of my lack of planning?  Yes.
Can you do this project that you don’t want to do?  Yes. (more…)

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What Do You Want to Hear About? (Plus a game of Mad Libs)

Mad Libs for Creative Entrepreneurs

I had some time to sit down and write this morning between getting caught up on emails and planning for several meetings.  I started perusing my list of possible blog topics that I’m excited dive into and then I had a thought… what if what I want to write about is different than what you want to hear about?  I need your feedback!  Do you have any topics to suggest?  Respond in the comments below or chat with me on social media! You can find all my social media links in the sidebar!

So, because it’s Monday and we all need a good laugh, here are some Mad Libs to make your suggestions easier!

  1. Allison, talk about ___________ and ____________, because no one else is talking about it.
  2. Whatever you do, don’t talk about __________ because EVERYONE is talking about it.
  3. Would you please talk about ______________ and business? Because I need help with that.
  4. Teach me about __________ in a way that doesn’t make me want to hide in a closet or feel like I’m the only one that this is challenging for.
  5. Help me stop sabotaging myself when it comes to _____________.
  6. Meet up with me in person to talk about ____________________ for a long time.
  7. Allison!  Please write a book called ______________.

Mad Libs for Creative Entrepreneurs

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3 Steps For Setting (and Completing) Goals in your Creative Business – Part 3

Setting and Completing Creative Business Goals - Part 3

We’ve spent the last week exploring goal setting in your business, today is our final day but maybe the most exciting because it’s go time!  If you missed Part 1-Create, or Part 2-Organize, check them out before today’s discussion!  Download the final worksheet here, and let’s get started!


For many creatives the idea of a schedule and a plan can seem counter creative and limiting, but I really want to encourage you to try out executing a plan if you are the type of person that feels that way.  The word ‘plan’ is a 4-letter word, but it is not THE 4-letter word.  The hardest part is done, you figured out what you need to do when, how, and in what order, now it’s time to actually do it!  Being dedicated, diligent, and disciplined is hard work but as creative entrepreneurs we didn’t sign up for easy or average.  We want the best in every area of our lives and the reason that we are who we are and do what we do is because we believe in our heart of hearts that we are here to bring something to this world in a way that no one else can. (more…)

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3 Steps For Setting (and Completing) Goals in your Creative Business – Part 2


Yesterday we talked about the first step in setting and completing goals as a creative entrepreneur – scheduling time, brainstorming, and making a list – if you haven’t read it yet you can find the post here!  The next step?  Organize!  If you’d like to work through the post with today’s worksheet you can find it here.


1. Prioritize objectives


Start organizing and prioritizing your list by coming back to your overarching business goals and which items on your list will aid you in reaching those.  Think of your objectives as the concrete steps you are taking to reach your goals.  What order should they be in?  Do they build on each other?   If you aren’t sure where to start, step back from your list and look for categories you can put the objectives in and then prioritize within those categories.  An example category as you’re prioritizing goals in marketing your business could be ‘Social Media’ and within that would be all of your items that pertain to social media such as creating a Twitter account, how often you’re going to post on Pinterest, or your Instagram hashtags. (more…)

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3 Steps For Setting (and Completing) Goals in Your Creative Business – Part 1

Setting and completing business goals for creatives

One of the topics that comes up over and over again as I talk with other business owners is that they have big dreams but don’t necessarily know how to achieve them, or are overwhelmed with what action to take first.  Many are amazing at their craft but have no idea how to run the business side of marketing, developing a brand, accounting, or organization.  Have you ever caught yourself thinking any of the statements below?

  • I want to feel like I own my work instead of my work owning me.
  • I want to quit my current job and be a full-time _________.
  • How do I start my own business?
  • Maybe this will be the year my business explodes in growth and I can finally buy _______!
  • I would love to have the type of business that ____ (insert the name of your favorite business owner) has!
  • Where do I start in getting clients?
  • How do I keep the clients I have?
  • Why do I feel like I get stuck in so much office busywork and never quite have time to get everything done and on to what I really want to do?


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5 Steps For Responding to: “Yeah, but what do you DO all day?” – Part 2

5 steps for responding to "Yeah, but what do you do all day" statements

Yesterday we jumped in with a little humor talking about ‘Favorite’ Questions that Creatives Get Asked’ and left with the homework of writing down 3-5 statements that you often hear in your business.  Before we continue with the 5 steps for responding to these types of questions let’s start with one of the truths that is foundational to every creative entrepreneur:

You Are Worth It (more…)

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