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You Are a Superhero: 3 Steps to Discover and Embrace Your Business Superpower!


When I was little I used to imagine that I had superpowers.  I’d daydream that I could fly.  As I sat at a window seat on my airplane ride and watched my city grow smaller and smaller I was fascinated by how the streets were laid out and how simple everything looked when you could see the entire image at once.  While I’m not as excited about flying now as an adult, I still love the window seat on take-off to see what seems so big become so small.  I find it interesting that this perspective parallels my career – seeing the big picture and then breaking down the strategy into a creative, workable plan to help businesses and entrepreneurs get to their final destination. Recently I was watching a preview for a superhero show on TV and I started thinking: what would it be like if we could have a superhero power in our businesses?

What makes a Superhero?

From Spiderman to Batman, Superwomen to Elastigirl; what 2 things do superheroes have in common? (more…)

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